Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing Aid TechnologyHearing instruments today come in different styles and different circuit types for improved hearing for individual hearing needs. Digital microprocessor technology is a part of the newer hearing aid designs. The cost of hearing aids reflects differences in size, advanced technology and professional services. As a result, the range of prices will vary from $800 to $3000 or more for each aid. Allow your hearing instrument specialist to advise you of your options. They will combine their expertise of fitting hearing instruments with your personal needs for hearing.

100% DIGITAL (DSP) – DSP stands for Digital Signal Processing – audio sounds are digitized and then processed. These types of hearing aids use a computer for the fitting process. They contain computer chips within the hearing aid for further processing.

Remember your Hearing Instrument Specialist’s role is to correct your hearing problem with the most effective hearing instruments for you. Listen to their advice and discuss your options.




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