Symptoms and Stages of Hearing Loss

Do I have hearing loss?


Do others complain that you listen to the TV or radio too loud?

Do you often complain that people "mumble" or "people don't speak as clearly as they used to?

Do you feel growing nervous tension, irritability or fatigue from the effort to hear?

Do you find yourself watching people's faces intently when you are listening?

Do you frequently misunderstand or need to have things repeated?

Do you have diabetes, heart, thyroid or circulation problems?

Do you have problems hearing in noisy situations or groups?

Do words sound loud enough, but not clear enough?

Do you have a ringing or buzzing in your ears?

Is there a family history of hearing loss?

Have you worked or been exposed to loud noise without ear protection? (i.e. airplanes, car racing, hunting, machinery, military, music)

Have you been exposed to ototoxic drugs or medications?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you might have a hearing loss. Please call your local hearing instrument specialist for an appointment today.


Mild Loss (20db - 45db)

"Hears when he wants to"

"Not paying attention"

Mild frustration in "noisy" situations

Denial of impairment sometimes slightly defensive

Little desire to seek help for loss

Moderate loss (45db - 65db)

Marked frustration is some social settings

Personality changes

Defensive, deep denial

Lessened creativity/ intellectual stimulus

Tends to dominate conversation or withdraw

Lessened desire to seek help on own

Severe loss (65db - 95db)

Social isolation, antisocial behavior

Sense of loss/ depression

Insecure/ aggressive/ socially withdrawn

Falling quality of life/ doubted self worth

Least of all motivated to seek help

Profound loss (95db+)

Social separation and isolation

Difficult to bond in relationships

Severely lessened environmental awareness

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